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SOSO maps announced the opening of AP personal webmaster can conduct two development

hot Teng July 5th news recently, the Tencent’s search engine Tencent soso announced that SOSO will officially open API interface map (map service application interface), provide a rich building map application services for third party website.


diagram: website home page

it is understood, SOSO map API is the location service interface provided by Tencent, including basic map, local search, bus service, car navigation, address resolution, location, city functions will be fully open. As a basic platform, the service does not need to register, and free to third parties, any non-profit website can be used.

SOSO map responsible person said that the third party developers through the integration of embedded SOSO map API, you can design a application module and its related business, the establishment of a new content and map, the network location of the space perception and reality can cross, users understand the specific objectives to facilitate the information website, to promote the formation of consumption intention. In order to achieve the effect of more than 2 1+1.

this also means that millions of Chinese webmaster, will be two times through the development of SOSO map, as they provide more accurate, based on geographical information service life. Relying on strong brand and technical resources to support Tencent, SOSO map API open will affect hundreds of millions of users of online life and information access, and lead to a wave of network map platform services.

, open API, SOSO map platform will give full play to the aggregation function, with a large number of developers on the SOSO map on the basis of various applications for the media, to provide map personalized service for the majority of users. Because the SOSO API map based on the MVC framework, API file is small, easy to use, smooth operation of the map page, drag, zoom and smooth, rich operation experience marked animation, close to the ideal level, so after the opening of the SOSO map can be said to be a set of optimal solutions developer.

according to the official website, through the SOSO open API map can be obtained, contains more than and 300 cities, more than 2000 counties / county-level city POI query results, more than and 200 city bus transfer scheme with more than and 300 city specific search and retrieval scheme of driving, in addition, the SOSO map is compatible with a variety of desktop browser: IE6+, FireFox, Chrome browser, Opera and Safari; Safari for iOS 3/4+ WebKit mobile phone, for Android 2.2+, can effectively guarantee the use effect of map.



: the site provides a wealth of examples

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