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Prince of Persia creator finds lost source code 23 years later

first_imgJordan Mechner may not be a name many of you know unless you are up-to-date with your video gaming history. He’s probably better known as the creator of Prince of Persia.Although the series has been ongoing and handled by teams at Ubisoft, Mechner created the original game for the Apple II way back in 1989. That was a decade before the series went 3D, and long before any of us were using CD drives to install our games.Since that release 23 years ago Mechner has gone on to develop the sequel, Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame and then joined Ubisoft to reinvigorate the series for a new audience in 2001. Along the way, he managed to misplace the original source code for that first Prince of Persia game and has been searching for it ever since.Yesterday he found it, and the discovery is all thanks to his father. The three packs of  3.5″ Apple ProDOS disks had been safely stored away in a brown box along with a load of Amstrad copies of his 1984 game Karateka.The problem he faces now is how to extract the code from those old 3.5″ disks to his MacBook Air, but he has a friend on board with the requisite skill set. The ultimate aim is to make the source code readable on modern machines, and hopefully after that he may be kind enough to release it for us all to see.I’m encouraged that Mechner will do this because he has been so willing to share old journals and detailed information about his games via his blog in the past. So we might get a full rundown of the source code in the near future.More at Jordan Mechner’s bloglast_img

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