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WeChat or live who lived and feudal lords vying for the throne

with the development of mobile Internet, broadcast industry has become increasingly popular, relying on the yen value and eloquence, anchor thousand already not news. And now, China has more than more than and 200 live applications, the hot broadcast is evident.

with the development of social media, smart phones, 4G network, the network is becoming a new round of Internet giants and entrepreneurs compete for the new battlefield.

According to the

Research Report in April 2016 AI media consulting released 2015 China video broadcast platform number close to 200, of which the network broadcast of the market size of about 9 billion yuan, the network broadcast platform, the number of users has reached 200 million people. From the beginning of 2016, including Tencent, Alibaba, millet, music, and other Internet giants have personally entered the field of, the most exciting moment of the broadcast industry has arrived.

according to sources, the current Tencent’s WeChat division in planning to enter the live market, the current internal or already in preparation for the relevant work.

as everyone knows, in addition to WeChat, at present most of the social networking tools have been involved in the live market, including YY live, live music, millet, 360 is to look at fiercely as a tiger does broadcast platform, not to mention the Tencent investment, investment Wang Sicong Betta live panda TV.

Penguin Empire

this year in the field of Tencent direct investment layout one after another, not only is the dragon ball, fish, breath launched the Tencent broadcast and the penguins live two platforms, the former flagship of the pan entertainment and celebrity fans live, and proposed to live in the field of "open platform" focus on live sports.

from the strategic point of view, the Tencent betting on the game live and live sports in two major areas, the former Betta + dragon ball with great strength, the Tencent in the field of the game, have the opportunity to share; the latter is being prepared in the penguins live, although not yet officially launched, but the product prototype has been the formation, sitting on a lot of copyright, the penguins live in the future should not be underestimated.

if WeChat did a live platform, feel the pressure will not only be unfamiliar street and other social tools, and WeChat will also become the mainstream of the world’s last Internet Co into a social tool to live.


"live" for users not unfamiliar, there may be a lot of people is a frequent visitor to the studio, but the broadcast industry is now more attention is paid to the interaction, and live shopping seems to have become a trend, there are a lot of stars have incoming.

, such as the use of Angelbaby live mode, just two hours to help Maybelline sold a lipstick, sales of $about 1400000.

Ali live on the east wind, launched this year, Taobao live broadcast and Tmall live two platforms, >

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