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Group competition B2C mode taking China electric domain war


so far, most of the business enterprise for the domain name can be aware of the importance, most of them enable domain endowed with a certain meaning, the electricity supplier website numerous miscellaneous, domain types are more diversified, such as domain name, suning.com suning.com, digital domain name, the domain name 2688.com, 2688 5288 flowers 5288.com, creative homophonic domain, Xidan love shopping igo5.com, visible, domain name business enterprise diversification.


from the earlier business site picture data was informed that the electricity supplier website the main phonetic domain many, 18 sites in the comprehensive classification of business on the site, domain name has 6 places, such as dangdang.com dangdang.com, lazy network lanjiahuo.com, shuashuashua.com, xiaokang.com and other well-off family brush pure digital domain, 2, 2688 2688.com English, domain name 1, excellent amazon.cn, most creative occupy the rest of the domain name, such as digital word +, 800buy.com + 800buy, Pinyin letters, ejiajie.cn, E in eguo.com million families. Also in the IT digital 12 sites, the most creative domain name, occupy more than 8, Jingdong mall 360buy.com also spent the acquisition of the Pinyin domain name jingdong.com. In the book image, flowers and gifts on these two categories, mainly to the phonetic domain name and creative division struggle, creative domain name a little advantage, the mainstream trend of Pinyin domain.


15 domain names in the classification of clothing, occupy the 4 domain name, such as shishangqiyi.com, yifu.com style clothes, serves network xiu.com, the domain name system platform acquired, and creative domain in this classification number, 11, in addition, the short domain name is the electricity supplier selection object, not in the form of the library name shoes and the acquisition of the key short domain name s.cn; mobile phone classification in 4 cases, creative domain 2, Pinyin domain 1, about ouku.com, digital domain 1, 18900.com camera; in the four case, 2 Pinyin domain name, the domain name in the creative 2; 4 cases of automobile products classification, only 1 is the creative domain, the other 3 are pure English domain, such as car fun carsfun.com, China auto supplies mall chinacars.com.


appliance in 3 cases, the use of creative domain names, however, in the electricity supplier business segment development, creative domain name can not fully meet the flat

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