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Tmall push three compensation scheme in response to bribe oversold UNQLO refund


in the double 11 shopping carnival is over 10 days, one after another successful payment orders, consumers were told to purchase department oversold goods, suggest a refund. Yesterday, Tmall officially apologized dual 11 day traffic is huge, cause the system data docking allowed, a few orders oversold, and announced that the 3 compensation scheme.

consumers were ordered to refund the success of

"you are being oversold?" November 20th, netizen "poison poet" released with micro-blog, November 11th Tmall online shopping carnival, let him first heard the word "oversold", "successful single payment, but no refund notice of goods, suggestions".

the micro-blog pictures, record screenshots "poison poet" in Tmall’s successful single. The picture shows that he was in the 11 day of 0 points to shoot a few jeans, and in 1 minutes after the successful payment of $03. "More than 1 in the morning, the page also displays dozens of pieces of inventory", but in the evening of 20, a day before Tmall required no later than the date of delivery, he received a message system, called the purchase of goods for the "oversold goods", "have been sold out, and the business advice negotiate a refund as soon as possible".

then have users receive SMS business, known as "double 11 Tmall because of loopholes in the system, we found that your order of" oversold "phenomenon, not for your shipment, please refund". According to statistics, in addition to its official flagship store, the "oversold" phenomenon, as well as Adidas, GAP, Tmall and other brands in the Pathfinder flagship store.

Tmall said data docking is not allowed

yesterday evening, November 11th "oversold" reasons, Tmall released the official micro-blog, said that the day is a huge flow of "lead system of commodity database and our businesses in Taiwan before and after data docking allowed, a few orders appear oversold".

Tmall mall officials also issued 3 remedial measures: the merchants to transfer goods, and according to the actual situation of additional compensation to consumers; for unfilled orders will be a full refund; oversold, all consumers will get oversold orders, commodity prices 30%, up to $500 Tmall points, if the business emergency transfer cargo in a system defined delivery time after the delivery, consumers can enjoy the same compensation.

send refund UNIQLO matching red

"oversold situation occurs, the first time we announced the company will oversold orders of the customers to make pledges." Yesterday, in addition to the PR representative UNIQLO said that customer orders are oversold refund, the refund will end within 3 working days, according to the amount of payment refund oversold, the same amount of UNIQLO official shop to the customer red Alipay account, "the refund is in progress, some consumers have received red envelopes compensation". As for the number of consumers is oversold, the representative said is still unaware.

for Tmall and UNIQLO official "oversold" response, "poison poet" and other users could accept, "Hope"

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