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A5 in many organizations to support the original essay Webmaster Help Businesses successful marketin

A5 is currently on like a raging fire organization "enjoy life and enjoy the ceramics" essay activities, the essay has been actively involved in responding to the webmaster. This essay, on the A5 since 2010, continuously, because a lot of money, the winning rate is higher, each essay will attract many owners to participate in the. The main purpose of A5 essay writing activities, support the original, arouse the enthusiasm of the original, to help owners succeed.

A5 Tang Shijun said: to the original webmaster, more successful, because the value of the original manuscript, will be adopted, issued at the forum will be harmonious, can not only improve the original web content value, and can bring the high quality of the chain, which has great value to improve their website weight.

support Adsense original, help Adsense success

supports the original, help to success is on A5 has been the direction of our efforts, the purpose is to serve the A5 webmaster webmaster and site webmaster, success is the greatest joy of A5. So the webmaster may ask, what is the relationship between the original owners and support it? In fact, the original relationship between the webmaster can be large, to the original owners, more likely to succeed. I will be the original webmaster in "why, are more likely to succeed?", has explained the importance of the original, original to improve website weight increase the site outside the chain is very important, since the weight of your site can be improved, to increase the site outside the chain, website operators are certainly easier to success. In order to support the original, arouse the enthusiasm of the original, A5 essay from 2010 year to date to organize many writing activities.

help businesses to promote and help businesses marketing

post campaign activities including publishing stickers, stickers, stickers voting results, sponsors will add a link information, a month long time in A5 on top, A5 on the top position is the gold position, a high degree of concern about the webmaster.

requirements in Adsense reprint activities posted and essay affixed to their website, and reproduced the need to add link merchants because of participating in the site more, some high weight site traffic, improve business website traffic and increase the weight, the merchant site outside the chain of high quality.

in order to let more webmaster to campaign information on A5 using a variety of network promotion methods including A5 stationmaster net gold position promotion, soft Wen promotion, QQ group promotion, mail promotion, Forum promotion, blog promotion methods such as promotion campaign.

each essay activities is a successful network marketing activities for businesses, each campaign is the use of the marketing, blog marketing, forum marketing, brand marketing and other marketing methods, promotion of business website products, significant effect. If there is an intention to cooperate with the business activities can contact the A5 dream River QQ; 8335768. (A5 Tang Shi Junyu original)

welcome to participate in the ongoing campaign:

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