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WeChat interactive marketing template setting strategy


statement about WeChat offbeat interactive marketing is the emotional marketing, but also with the WeChat platform for viral marketing and database marketing and word-of-mouth dissemination of important work to pave the way. I think WeChat interactive marketing is to do a top customer service and online top salesman. Why do you say that?

when do WeChat interactive marketing, our purpose is to retain customers, increase customer viscosity and trust, promote the realization of customer transactions customers continued consumption, to allow customers to help us to fix the viral marketing, and do these are from the customer psychology angle and sales type angle setting system. This is the need for customer service and online salesman common ability to do. Let me tell you about the whole WeChat interactive marketing system set template:

first, the comprehensive positioning of target customers

in micro-blog, community forums, quizzes and other target customers gathered to analyze the needs of target customers, pain, psychological, and its system. Because this is the most important part of customer perception, so that a series of process is the basic part of the whole system is one of the most important part, not speculation, all rely on data to fix the truth.

The arrangement and arrangement of

two, push information and interactive mode

this step could be the first step of the study the basis of the analysis, we push the information should be based on the user pain points and demand as the foundation, to meet the needs of users, solve the user pain points series information should do we push the preferred location information. To enhance the value of the customer to your favor, continue to communicate in order to enhance the trust of your customers. The whole arrangement requires docking, and interaction pattern of the next step to address the needs of users such as: pain and dry cargo push, using question push the promotion of the relationship with customers and other activities to promote these! To increase customer viscosity and a sense of trust, but the model is not only so, since it is to reflect the interaction of interactive marketing the significance of interaction in order to truly promote the feelings, in the whole process of interaction is required to display the "customer service" the real charm, I will summarize the essential ability of a customer service are as follows:

1, know: customers are all treasure, has been concerned about one can not let him run

2, to: to lead the needs of others, most people do not know what they need

3, use: the value of products and services with customers to talk about price

4, habits: used to praise, affirmation other people’s point of view is to help care

5, expression: expression language should be humorous

three, continuous data tracking analysis, finishing, the ultimate purpose force

the above steps has been completely fix customer viscosity and trust, then we have to do is to achieve sustained consumption and transactions, letter word of mouth and viral marketing. Before we do this we have to analyze customer data, at least divided into: turnover, not traded >

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