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20 thousand and 150 failure lessons inventory of those winds but did not fly pigs


text / gold wrong knife (WeChat ID:ijincuodao)

In an interview with

/ Wen Yue (Institute of minimally invasive new case center editor)

at the end of 2015, a "A round of financing 846 start-up companies, now going bankrupt" finished the gradual spread in the business circles and venture capital circles, make the winter capital more.

2015, steel prices fell by 2/3, which is one of the best indicators of the real economy as a whole.

2015 is a year of coexistence of air and winter. The first half of the business, a variety of platforms continue to erupt. Many entrepreneurs get enviable financing, just like a successful look. The second half of the entire stock market collapse, the winter capital circle in the limelight. Many companies in the winter will run out of money, from the air blowing high fall, smashed to pieces.

why the wind came, but the pigs can not fly up to the end of 2015, Kim wrong knife special inventory of ten major failures. Which is based on the traditional industry is too large for the transformation step of bankruptcy, there are gray growth in emerging industries involving industry has not been standardized and eventually lead to the collapse of the line, called the 2015 ten failure of the.

who was the most injured failure in 2015 lessons?

this is the 2015 10 most destructive keywords, and in 2016 you can not know the ten death traps, please be careful around.

[tenth] [Pacific wheel] lesson: young people do not like to see

explosive products will vote index: 3 stars

Keywords: young people’s reputation is too bad

1998 movie "Titanic" in the domestic release when people poured into the cinema, because the international director, magnificent scene, true love, true to the core effects, ganchangcunduan.

"Tai Ping ship" is completely at the China version of "Titanic" to the international director Johnwoo guidance, galloping horse, Huayi music studios, and a number of domestic companies to participate in the first movie, gathered in Huang Xiaoming, Kaneshiro Takeshi and other big stars, to spend 300 million yuan in the making of the film, it is anticipated that the box office to 900 million to recover the cost.


, everyone makes mistakes. The result is only 250 million of the top and bottom of the box office, the investment side is really a loss to the grandmother of the home of the two. Why it will be reduced to

in this situation?

in fact, "disaster film" in this type of China risk is relatively large, is "1942".

in addition to the film itself quality problems, "Pacific" failure is more because of bad reputation, especially young people did not fix reputation! Wrong expectations in deliberately raise the audience, caused by the psychological gap, didn’t expect landing.


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