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How to get visitors’ trust in tourism website

With the development of Chinese tourism, tourism website blossom everywhere. Tourism portals such as ctrip.com, eLong Travel Network, travel channel Sohu; professional travel sites such as mango, golden holiday travel reservation; local tourist sites such as Hainan tourism network, Zhangjiajie tourism, Jiuzhaigou tourism network, there are many travel websites such as green travel online, China travel service, Kang Hui Chinese etc.; we often discuss the tourism website development or marketing, focus on the promotion, site planning construction site did not take into account the problem of credibility, to a certain extent, restrict the effectiveness of network marketing. How to build the credibility of the site is very important;

              Stanford University has 3 years of research, summarized and put forward the construction of the ten site credibility criterion, follow ten criteria can enhance the site visitors on the website of the letter of.

? If you’ve spent a lot of time trying to get visitors to your web site through search engines, they can’t be converted into your customers. So the credibility of the site is so important for a website. Stanford University researchers believe that if you want to make money through the site, so that visitors to the site through the formation of the trust of your company is the key factor contributing to customer conversion.

of Stanford University proposed ten principles to guide the construction site credibility including:
?? (6) the design professional

              for example, you may go to Taobao to buy things at the seller’s praise rate, physical map or view the baby, so in the construction of our tourism website, how to build the site credibility? After the discussion, the following conclusions are reached, interested friends can look at!

1, the site identity: including basic contact information such as address, phone number, email, website owners such as

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