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Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Ep 11 Recap Are You My Mother

first_img ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Teases Troubled Patrick StewartHow Designers Achieved the Sci-Fi Sound Magic of ‘The Orville’ Stay on target Well, look at that. An exciting, focused and character-driven episode of Star Trek: Discovery. After last week’s overstuffed word jumble of an episode, it was such a relief to see this one make good on some of its promises. It’s amazing what this show can do when it decides on a story to tell. The serialization of Star Trek has allowed Discovery to do some cool things, but it does the show a disservice just as often. Eventually, there are too many balls in the air. Most of the time, that leads to something like last week’s episode. Other times, it leads to whole character arcs appearing out of thin air, as with Airiam’s sudden increase in importance right before her death.To a lesser extent, I see a similar pattern emerging with Commander Nhan. Not that I think she’s going to die. She’s already defied the redshirt curse multiple times, so the show clearly wants to keep her around. In all her appearances so far, she’s played a small but important role in the action. The camera makes sure to focus on what she’s doing in particularly hectic scenes. She was the first to notice something wasn’t quite right with Airiam when she was under the influence of control. She was the one to eject Airiam into space when Burnham couldn’t. This week’s episode made sure to show us her part in the big phaser battle near the end. She’s clearly going to be an important character as the season goes on. So why don’t we know more about her? The show has given us precious little information about her personality, her past or even her day-to-day interactions with the rest of the crew. I want to get to know her as well as we know, say, Stamets or Culber or Tilly. I’m almost certain there will be an episode that relies on us having that kind of connection with her. I just hope the show doesn’t try to rush all that work in the same 40 minutes, like it did with Airiam.Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham; Sonja Sohn as Burnham’s mom (Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/CBS)For now though, the episode is all about Michael and her mother. That’s a good thing. With the entire ship focused on this one main event, Star Trek: Discovery turned in a tightly focused, tense and exciting episode. Michael wakes up in sick bay only to be told that yes, that was her mom she saw, but no, she can’t see her yet. Dr. Burnham is still unconscious. At first, the crew is content to let her wake up on her own, but a complication compels them to move things along a little faster. (Thank you!) Turns out, while they’ve managed to contain Dr. Burnham in the present, there’s still an anchor pulling her back to the future. As time goes on, that anchor get stronger. Eventually, the Discovery won’t have enough power to keep her there.Oddly enough, when they wake her up, she doesn’t want to talk to her daughter. She only wants to speak with Captain Pike. Later, we find out that it’s painful for Dr. Burham to face Michael. As a being trapped in the future and constantly traveling back in time, she’s watched her daughter die more times than she can count. That’ll cause some lasting trauma, to be sure. Her conversation with Pike hints at what’s sure to be an interesting mystery for future episodes to follow. When Pike asks about the signals appearing in space, Dr. Burnham has no idea what he’s talking about. So if the Red Angel isn’t creating them, where are they coming from? And why are they appearing in these places where the Discovery can be of help?Doug Jones as Saru; Anson Mount as Captain Pike (Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/CBS)We don’t get those answers this episode, but it is tantalizing enough to make the wait for next week’s just that much harder. Michael says she’s going to get some answers regarding that, but it doesn’t happen. Face-to-face with her mother, and they do an entire life’s worth of catching up. Turns out, Dr. Burnham was able to make it to all of the biggest events in Michael’s life, but she never knew she was there. D’awww. But like, I get it. You go through life thinking you’re mom is dead and she’s not, it’s an emotional moment. But there are more pressing issues at hand, you think you could have thrown in one question about the signals? Also, we learn that Spock has dyslexia, which allowed him to interpret the variations in the timeline and understand what Dr. Burnham was telling him. Thats’ a really cool detail, and it makes me so happy Star Trek: Discovery included it.Dr. Burnham recommends that the crew destroy all the sphere data. Saru isn’t happy about losing so much knowledge, but if Control gets access to it, it will become fully sentient and omnipotent, and end all life in the galaxy. The database has a built-in firewall protecting it from being erased, though. They come up with a different plan. Transfer the data to the Red Angel suit, and send it far into the future where Control can’t reach it. There’s just one problem. Control is already here. Turns out that eye prick last week didn’t kill Leland. Instead, Control captured him and took over his body. That way, it can move about Starfleet in secret, and download the Sphere data.Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou (Photo Credit: John Medland/CBS)Leland recruits Georgiou to plant the intercept device that will also kill Dr. Burnham when it’s done, but being from the Mirror universe has it’s advantages. Georgiou knows treachery when she smells it. She starts intercepting the data just as she’s asked to, but she asks Tyler to see exactly what Leland’s up to. That’s when the secret comes out. Tyler walks into Leland’s quarters and finds him with a decent chunk of his face replaced by a machine. Huh, where in Star Trek have we seen something like that before? Or rather, where will we see that in the future? It’s not explicitly clear yet whether or not this will turn into a Borg origin story, but all the ingredients are in place. Obviously, Control isn’t going to destroy all life in the galaxy, but that doesn’t mean the Discovery will destroy Control completely. What if this is all a set-up for one of Star Trek’s most iconic species? I’m fanboying out already just thinking about it.Tyler gets stabbed, but he’s able to warn the Discovery that Control has compromised Leland. Leland beams himself to Dr. Burnham’s location, and a massive shootout ensues. It’s a great action scene, with no one being able to make a dent in Leland’s mechanically enhanced body despite multiple direct hits. And as I said before, Nhan is a total badass throughout. Seriously Discovery, when do we get her episode? All throughout the scene, Leland continues intercepting the sphere data, and the ticking clock adds even more tension to an already thrilling scene.Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham; Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou; Anthony Rapp as Stamets (Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/CBS)In the end, there’s only one thing to do. The Discovery crew destroys the containment field keeping Dr. Burnham in this time. She and the suit are yanked back into the future. It severs the data connection, stopping the transfer. But since Leland damaged the Angel suit during the battle, she can’t make it back. The crew beams back aboard the Discovery, which then blows the hell out of the base. Control’s plan is averted, though it did manage to transfer just over 50 percent of the sphere data. That will likely make things more difficult in the future, but certain annihilation is averted for now.I was a little nervous going into this week’s episode after the truly baffling decisions made with the last one. There’s always the question of whether a show can recover quickly or if it’ll take a few weeks of grasping around in muck to dig itself out. Fortunately this show is smart enough to plant interesting hooks in each episode it can capitalize on later even when it gets lost in its own ass. This week, Discovery found its way out by focusing on a single thread, rather than trying to tackle all of them at once. I really hope the lesson sticks.Star Trek: Discovery streams Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on CBS All AccessPreviously on Star Trek: Discovery:Star Trek: Discovery Season 2, Episode 10 recapStar Trek: Discovery Season 2, Episode 9 recapStar Trek: Discovery Season 2, Episode 8 recaplast_img

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