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FCC Approves Googles Soli RadarBased Motion Sensor

first_img 50 Attorneys General Launch Bipartisan Probe Into GoogleYouTube Fined $170M For Alleged Child Privacy Law Violation Stay on target Imagine having the ability to control devices with easy hand gestures. Google wants to make this concept a reality with its ‘Soli’ radar-based motion sensor technology.On Monday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said it would give Google a waiver to operate the Soli motion sensor at higher power levels, Reuters reported. The FCC also said the Soli motion sensor can be used on flights.According to the FCC, Google’s Soli motion sensor, “will serve the public interest by providing for innovative device control features using touchless hand gesture technology.”Soli, a sensing technology that uses a tiny radar to detect touchless gesture interactions, was developed by Google to improve smart device use. According to Soli’s website, the Soli motion sensor works by emitting electromagnetic waves in a wide beam and tracking dynamic gestures expressed by hand and finger motions. The sensor can be embedded into computers, wearables, and vehicles for easy hands-free control.The Soli motion sensor enables users to turn a virtual dial by placing a thumb against an index finger or press an invisible button between the index fingers and thumb. If this technology becomes commercialized, people won’t have to use mobility or speech to engage with smart devices.In 2018, Facebook raised concerns with the FCC over the Soli motion sensor, because it might have issues working with other technology forms. After several talks, Facebook and Google jointly approached the FCC in September, and said they agreed that the Soli motion sensor could work at higher power levels, but lower than the power levels Google initially requested.If placed within wearables and other smart devices, the Soli motion sensor would be an upgrade to touchscreen products in the future.More on Geek.com:Macaulay Culkin Is Home Alone Again With Google Assistant Google Transformed Cloud Storage Traffic Into Cool Data Art Google Assistant Will Now Alert You When It Predicts Flight Delayslast_img

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