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Visit Akihabaras Dragon QuestThemed Convenience Store

first_imgStay on target Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Launchpad Blaze Postpones JAXA’s Cargo Ship Launch to ISSJapan’s Hayabusa-2 Probe Packs Up Space Rock Cargo From Asteroid Ryugu center_img If you’re a nerd who’s interested in Japan, you probably already know about Akihabara. It’s Tokyo’s Electric Town, a neighborhood of tons of electronics, video game, and anime stores. There’s a lot to do there, but today I want to highlight a convenience store. Yes, like 7-Eleven or Sheetz. But this one, tucked away at an intersection of alleys in Akiba, is special. It’s Dragon Quest-themed.If you like those cute blue slimes from Dragon Quest, or feel nostalgia that reaches back to the days of “Dragon Warrior” on the NES, you need to go to the Lawson Square Shop at 85 Kanda Neribeicho in Akihabara. Walk out of the Akihabara Station Electric Town exit, turn left, and walk past the Sega Club. Cross the street and turn right, then walk past another Sega Club, then a third Sega Club (I’m not kidding). Turn left at the Sofmap (which is facing a Taito Game Center, to change things up a bit from all the Sega Clubs) and walk a block. You’ll see a Lawson in the middle of two streets with loads of foot traffic and an occasional car barely making its way through. You’ll be able to tell from the blue Dragon Quest slimes in the windows and the vending machine painted to look like a treasure chest.Walk through the door, and a speaker will play either the staircase or random encounter sound effect from Dragon Quest. And, well, then you’ll be standing in a convenience store. But it’s a Dragon Quest convenience store!It’s actually pretty cramped for a Japanese convenience store (or “combini,” which are almost as plentiful as vending machines in Japan, and which tend to have a much better and higher quality selection of food). There are maybe four aisles, of which one and several endcaps are dedicated to Dragon Quest merchandise. But that’s the reason you want to go there.The store is filled with slimes. I mean the cute blue blob things with the smiling faces, that have been the standard enemy and mascot of the Dragon Quest series since the first game. There are slime slippers, slime t-shirts, slime hats, slime bags, slime umbrellas, and even slime glasses (which look adorable if you fill them with blue or red drinks, but if you fill them with cola they become super problematic). And, of course, there are slime omiyage (souvenir packs/boxes) in the form of tins and plastic tubs of candies.If you want to catch up on Dragon Quest, you can pick up all the recent games here, too. Besides the standard complement of e-shop point cards, this Lawson sells physical retail copies of all currently available Dragon Quest games for the Switch, 3DS, and PS4. They’re the Japanese versions, of course, but if you can read kana you can play them (just remember the 3DS is region-locked).This Lawson isn’t one of Akihabara’s big tourist spots. It isn’t a famous character cafe or a beloved video game store. It’s just a fun little combini that has a lot of Dragon Quest stuff in it, and it’s worth taking the wander to visit if you find yourself in Akiba.last_img

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