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How to get rid of the network for others to do the wedding dress fate

recently, many well-known brands have to test the waters of e-commerce, competing in the online market share. The Japanese Marui department through the network to enter the market, China COFCO launched online mall (currently in beta), fast money to Lining expanding e-commerce market…… The video has been the main service of the cool 6 network and Taobao hand opened the video shopping channel, began to get involved in B2C e-commerce. In July 6th, Alipay the largest independent third party payment platform (Alipay China) network technology limited company announced the number of users exceeded 200 million mark, which is not only Alipay’s pride, but also indicates the online consumption era.

network market is booming, more and more businesses to join at the same time, because of the network business threshold is low, also attracted a large number of entrepreneurs to join the network, the team is growing, the Internet market is becoming increasingly fierce competition. Many in Taobao for many years the treasurer said, now the competition is big, the shop increased operating costs, not to do business, profit as before. The shopkeeper said the shop is facing the dilemma in e-commerce platform – "do the wedding dress for others". Because there is no independent database, can not control their own customers, even if the hard work for a long time can not accumulate customer resources. There are a variety of conditions that lead to the inability to follow their own ideas and business practices to implement targeted promotions and publicity, in the business depressed at the same time, customers also lost.

how to get out of this dilemma? Answer: to build a shopping mall, an independent shop, Taobao, eBay, pat your store, you use the Taobao platform source soliciting, promote your independent shop, these customers will become your customers. There are many network operators at open independent shop suddenly feel a large head, think to build a online shopping mall is a very complex project, in fact, many independent shop software on the Internet site is very convenient. Take the HiShop online store system users trust the case, you only need to prepare a space, then choose a good domain name, and then go to their official website to download and install the program, according to the installation prompts a step by step operation, only a few minutes can be completed online. As you install the application software, very simple, if you still feel trouble, they can find their customer service do include domain name space

to buy!When you install

, then again, in the face of so many commodity information how to move to the new mall? A manual input? Too tired! Then you can choose the matching tool shop assistant HiShop, it can be online all data into Taobao’s you, but pat, Taobao, eBay data transconductance, but also carry out synchronous data updating.

after all the data uploaded, the mall is also built. You can set up promotional activities in accordance with their own way of business, but also according to the level of the members of the different members of the price, not only can increase the viscosity of customers can expand your sales team, HiSH>

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