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Where is the way out for the Taobao mall sellers to sell the small sellers

early in the morning to open the computer to Taobao mall yesterday night of violence, "in the Baidu search Taobao mall seller 21CN Donews, 163, riots and portals have reported, took the time to see each story, remove one of the same part of the whole thing is to know about. Considered for a long time, I decided to write points to the author know something to write something.

Taobao mall, an important tool for taobao.com transformation from C2C platform to B2C platform, in the beginning is basically not how many users are familiar with, even if only know why things than your fair mall a lot, of course, there is such an idea, basically even Taobao the hardcore customer, to bargain on taobao.com customers. All along, the negative news taobao.com most is added goods countermeasures to solve the problem of clusters, Taobao mall, Taobao market more stringent than the seller at the same time as the pay system, the service charge of the seller, enjoy all market sellers are unable to enjoy the treatment, all good assessment of the evaluation system, there are many from Taobao the market development of the company after the opening of Taobao mall, for some difficult customer’s comments threatened not to fear, can not spend too much time in the evaluation of the problem and then concentrate on doing their own products, but the fact that Taobao mall has two modes, one is the brand, is a brand flagship store franchise stores, then I personally experienced, two suits from Taobao mall is a franchise store, I buy things at Taobao are generally produced by first feeling. More than OK, and because it is in the Taobao mall, the beginning also didn’t pay attention to the flagship stores or franchise stores, such as receiving something, be startled at the quality of the things, really flattered, because there is no good packaging, clothing are full of grease, I contacted the shop customer service, the reflect, then although there is no echo, but the complainant rights, where the time to toss, the final result is the clothes I took home his girlfriend was directly thrown into the trash, of course, this is just the author of an unpleasant experience, not only Overgeneralization, that is to see a problem from side.

on a section of which mention the service fee, this is also a revolt of the root causes, saying Chinese Alibaba is also the small and medium-sized enterprise gathering places, the same is a Alibaba when students do B2C the Taobao mall also don’t know where, but the Alibaba in Taobao mall compared to cheaper. After this time, Taobao mall rate adjustment that is more can not be mentioned in the same breath, I probably looked at, basically is the first million words, even 100 thousand, a fee that, small sellers drizzle, but small sellers cannot afford, so the riots began.

here, we first regardless of Taobao mall why increase rate, and also provided so badly, a situation we have taobao.com small sellers, whether it is fair or at the mall, because Taobao mall.

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