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This DIY Hoverbike is every Star Wars fans fantasy

first_imgMost Star Wars fans remember the first time they watched Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, and saw that iconic speeder bike chase through the woods of Endor. Sadly, speeder bikes aren’t real – at least the ones in the movie aren’t. One Australian engineer however, decided that he wanted one badly enough to design and build it himself. The result is the Hoverbike, a sharp-looking one-seater with massive fans on the front and rear designed to keep the bike in the air.Chris Malloy says that when he’s finished with his bike, it’ll be able to get up to 10,000 feet and fly at 170 miles per hour. He also noted that he designed the bike not because he was a big Star Wars fan, but to settle an argument over how to build a real flying motorcycle. The bike currently weighs about 110kg (just under 250 lbs) with a 107 horsepower twin four-stroke engine capable of pumping out 295kg (650 lbs) of thrust.The massive fans on the front and the rear of the bike use wooden blades, and the body of the bike is made of carbon fiber to keep it strong and light. So far he hasn’t managed to get the bike fully airborne. He’s run a few tests while the bike has been strapped down, but it’s fair to say he hasn’t gone flying over his neighbors rooftops in his new invention just yet.Before Malloy can make a production model of the Hoverbike, he’s looking for some more investment and other engineers to help him with the project. He says that eventually he may be able to get the costs down to around $40,000 per bike, but right now it’s just a garage project. You have to give him credit, though: for a garage project, the Hoverbike looks remarkably polished.Read more at Hoverbike via Jalopniklast_img

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