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This is the nicest armed robber youll ever meet

first_imgUsually, when you see CCTV footage of an armed store robbery it’s quite frantic. The guy holding the gun is shouting and desperately trying to get the cash as quickly as possible while everyone else panics. The robbery played out in the video above is completely different.This man isn’t desperate for money to buy drugs or alcohol, he needs it to pay his rent and feed his kids. Before pulling a gun he even pays for the goods he’s picked up. He then apologetically asks for the money out the cash register and says he’ll pay it back if he can in the future.What can the guy behind the counter do? He gives him the money, gets an apology, and then calls the police.While we feel a little sorry for the guy stealing the money here, we can’t condone it, and know he will be caught putting him in an even worse situation than he apparently already is in.via Redditlast_img

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