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Fast fashion Zara test the water electricity supplier in China offline sales or encounter bottleneck

day before the Spanish fast fashion brand Zara launched Chinese online store. It is reported that the online platform will store sales of all commodities price synchronization.

this, electricity supplier observers Lu Zhenwang to the daily economic news reporter, said that this is the layout of the strategic position of Zara. Clothing electricity supplier has about 200000000000 scale, Zara is trying to help its brand penetration through the electronic business platform."

luxury marketing experts Le Yaoguang believes that with the slowdown in economic growth and the saturation of the first tier cities in the market, Zara China has encountered bottlenecks in the next line sales.

it is reported that since 2006 Zara opened the first store in Shanghai Road, Nanjing, has more than 105 stores in the country. In recent years, China has grown into one of the most important and most extensive markets in the Inditex group, the parent company of Zara. Zara believes that the online store is a good supplement to the store.

in this regard, China’s e-commerce research center Mo Daiqing believes that online channels for the development of Zara potential customers have a great role. "Through this way, enhance brand awareness, more people will accept this brand."

in the China market, GAP, UNIQLO brand online store previously entered, to a certain extent have been eating a share of online business. In this regard, Mo Daiqing believes that although some of the fast fashion earlier entered, but still groping stage in the electricity supplier.

and Zara for independent business line below the same price paid way, Lu Zhenwang said: "Zara is the electricity supplier as a platform to do (show)."

for this time Zara involved in China’s electricity supplier, Le Yaoguang said that the main problem is to do electricity supplier logistics. Zara has a strong network of bedding, if we can solve the logistics problem, beat many competitors is not difficult.

but as of now, a single brand to do its own electricity supplier almost no successful case. Relatively speaking, fast fashion domestic electricity supplier channel access is not very long, is still the test stage.

at the same time, Mo Daiqing believes that consumers will not be based on price judgments to buy. If the fast fashion brand electric providers are perennial promotional form, which is detrimental to the long-term development of the brand.

as a brand operator, reasonable channels need to be established, as to do it yourself or to the third party platform is not important." Lu Zhenwang told reporters.

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