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The transformation strategy of error Huang Taiji dreams is not unexpected takeaway platform

this year, often with the financing disadvantage, the rumors of the closure of the continuous Huang Taiji, last month, the brand has been running away, the closure of the factory news.


according to the Beijing Daily reported, although in Huang Taiji takeaway App "brand legend" still retains 700Kcal, Juqi, Huang Jihuang and other 12 brand name, but the real foreign sales of the brand shelves only together, Huang Taiji, cattle stew 3, which indicates that the 8 brands of food prices in April this year with the signing of Huang Taiji cooperation, there have been half from Huang Taiji takeaway platform line. In addition, Huang Taiji 10 production centers (ie, takeaway factory stores) has now closed down 5. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters also found that the original in the Hepingli area can be found in the Yellow River stores now really have not been able to search.

the glory of the Internet has been mired in the food and beverage brands, but now all the negative news, it is difficult to get out, Huang Taiji’s experience is striking one snag after another.

from brand to O2O platform, Huang Taiji once again great leap forward

Huang Taiji’s fortune is clear to everyone, with the help of Internet marketing promotion fired the first shot. Relying on "Mercedes send pancakes takeaway" and "aliens," and "Rock Paper scissors", "beauty boss" Internet frenzy, Huang Taiji successfully broke into the public eye, quickly started the popularity, is considered to be China emerging Internet catering on behalf of the brand.

is now looking back, the level of marketing and creative is not too high, but one step ahead of the use of social media to promote their own, Huang Taiji’s approach is undoubtedly unique vision, innovative commendable. From the store opened quickly became popular to dozens of chain stores, the first phase of development of Huang Taiji should be said to be very successful.

then got a lot of financing Huang Taiji began to think through the mode and category expansion, similar to BELLE’s share, in order to improve the market and revenue. Then, the main "cattle stew stew," Mr. Sichuan flavor "hornet" small Hot pot "always" dumplings ", happy to take food," called a duck "and so on, the brand new one by one out of many Huang Taiji’s, formed a brand matrix.

although it was claimed that it can occupy the geographical space in the way of multi brand to achieve the possibility of monopoly in the regional market, but it ignores the huge operating costs and catering industry full market competition. Just under the line of the store is not a lot of rent and labor costs, it is sufficient to form a huge pressure. In addition to a few brands such as beef stew, the other is difficult to leave a deeper impact on the user, let alone to achieve the same level of Huang Taiji. In an attempt to bulk copy Huang Taiji ideas to implement too difficult, is not successful, then shut down other contraction brand shop is not beyond all expectations. In fact, some of the stores in the Yellow River brand, after the upsurge of business depression because of high rents and labor costs and the phenomenon of shutting down.

, however, none of these effects

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