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Fiveyear sentence for handgun possession

Justin Joseph Lloyd Thompson was subject to three separate firearms prohibitions, but that didn’t stop him from possessing two loaded handguns last December.As a result, the 34-year-old man received a hefty prison term this week, along with a warning from the judge he is approaching the line where he could be met with dangerous offender proceedings.Court heard Thompson already had a lengthy record with enough violence that he has been flagged as a high-risk violent offender. Often, the result of being flagged as such means further violent offences carry the risk the Crown will pursue a dangerous offender designation — a fact pointed out by both Crown prosecutor Adam Breker and Regina Provincial Court Judge Lane Wiegers.Thompson pleaded guilty to possession of a weapon contrary to a prohibition order, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, possession of a prohibited firearm with ammunition, mischief and assaulting a peace officer.The firearms charges relate to an incident from Dec. 15. Court heard police were responding to a complaint when, at about 2 a.m., they came upon a vehicle stopped in a parking lot. When police pulled up behind the vehicle, they saw a passenger — Thompson — put something beneath the seat.Police noted the car’s ignition was punched out and damaged, although defence lawyer Greg Wilson said the vehicle turned out to be, in fact, lawfully possessed by the occupants.Police arrested the occupants and found on Thompson a .22-calibre revolver loaded with six rounds. He was carrying 11 additional rounds in his pocket.A vehicle search then turned up a nine-millimetre handgun beneath the front passenger seat inside a box along with a black and white bandana.While serial numbers on at least one of the guns had been obliterated, police were able to use a chemical process to retrieve numbers. Both guns came back to a Moose Jaw owner who reported the guns stolen earlier in 2018.The remaining charges pertain to an incident from February 10, when Thompson was on remand at the Regina Provincial Correctional Centre. Court heard he was complaining to correctional staff about being locked up and then lunged at and kicked over a meal cart. He swung his fist at a correctional officer but missed.His cellmate jumped in and the two squared off against staff until additional officers arrived on the scene.Breker asked the court to impose a five-year sentence less remand credit, giving Thompson a total of four years going forward. Wilson joined in that request, and Wiegers agreed to impose it.“The proliferation of firearms in our community has become a very serious problem …,” Breker said. “We think that the sentence … should send a strong message to people in Mr. Thompson’s position or might contemplate that type of conduct that these offences will not be taken lightly, even if (guns are) not being in the moment fired at anyone.”Both Breker and Wiegers pointed out that, despite the length of the sentence, it is actually on the lower end of the range.Given the sentence was a joint submission, Wilson provided few details about his client’s background. He said Thompson, a father of two, has worked as a paver.Wilson added his client realizes that given his record, he is “getting to very dangerous territory.”In addition to the prison term, Thompson has to provide a DNA sample and was handed yet another firearms [email protected]/LPHeatherP

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