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Moroccos Ministry of Justice to Launch Admissions Process For Public Notary

Rabat – In what might be good news for Moroccan women who are interested in holding the position of public notary official (adoul), Morocco’s Minister of Justice, Mohammed Aujjar, announced on Monday the launch of an admissions competition for both women and men. The admission tests are set to be scheduled for next week.After King Mohammed VI voiced his decision to authorize Moroccan women to hold the position of public notary, the Ministry of Justice announced that it is creating up to 800 jobs for Moroccan men and women wishing to become public notary officials.The announcement was made by Aujjar during a House of Representatives parliamentary session held yesterday, January 30.According to Aujjar, the reform process underway in the legal and judicial fields is of particular importance, adding that the Justice Reform Charter called for the modernization of the justice system and the opening of this particular profession to women. This reform, according to the minister, is in line with the constitutional principle established in Article 19, as well as Morocco’s international commitments to expand employment opportunities for women in the country. The ministry, in partnership with the National Order of Public Notary Officials, recently launched the project to reform regulations on the training and admissions for the adoul position, said Aujjar.The new created positions will meet the expectations of public notary officials and justice system officials, as well as to integrate this important profession into the changing socio-economic environment.The unprecedented decision by the King on January 22 to open the adoul position to women candidates was an acknowledgment of the skills and capabilities of women throughout the kingdom.

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