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Shenyang entrepreneurial innovation for the development of urban transformation

when the development of bottlenecks encountered, transformation of these two words have become the choice of most enterprises. In fact, not only need to transform the enterprise, when the stagnation of the development of a city, the transformation has become an effective means to seek a breakthrough. Shenyang, the traditional industrial city, is trying to own the future development of the road, into the innovative gene.

"eleven" just after the holidays, Shenyang Snowman network founder and CEO Zhang Yitian’s schedule had been scheduled in October 9th, went to Beijing to participate in the international China 3D virtual reality exhibition; then, back to Shen services for entrepreneurs to participate in the special "dark horse"……

1986 was born in Shanghai, Beijing has worked hard for many years, Zhang Yitian, is an authentic Shenyang people. In June last year, Shen venture has done fast, his snowman network.   "in terms of size, the virtual reality of our service platform has been ranked second in the country, gathered the more than and 100 enterprise users and more than 30 thousand members.  , "he said.

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mentioned Shenyang, industrial enterprises, large enterprises, state-owned enterprises more than the old ingrained impression. As a stringent experimental field management, plan, target the flowers seem difficult to grow here alive.

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