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Which industries are not suitable for Entrepreneurship

many entrepreneurs will have such concerns: what industry is not suitable to join? Easy to start a business failure? In fact, there is such a worry is normal, fierce competition in all walks of life, if we choose the wrong to join the project is certainly very detrimental to their own business. The following Xiaobian for you to introduce those projects are not suitable for entrepreneurship.

TOP1. bar

the general bar first tourists are on "friends with friends", if your social circle is limited, and there is no bar to form its own characteristics, it is difficult to form a fixed source, will not collapse in the desolate usually several months.

TOP2. snacks

lost points: ten people engage in catering, eight people basically ended in failure.

this industry environment is oily, Business Hours long enough, the boss needs hard work, only to get up early personally responsible for the procurement, late closing, but also often stationed in store tasting the smoky, so young people are usually insist on not how long.

and health management is very strict, the competition is also large, distinctive and demanding requirements of the location to the shop, so the high failure rate.

TOP3. has too much personality shop

TOP4. clothing store

TOP5. cosmetics store


Manicure hairdressing shop

TOP7. small shop

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