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Participation Meeting A Success

first_imgLeaders of the sport of Touch Football came together on Friday to address participation opportunities to grow the sport. Staff members from Touch Football Australia (TFA), New South Wales Touch Association (NSWTA) and Queensland Touch Association (QTA) met in Canberra to discuss ideas on participation and growth in Touch Football. TFA Chief Executive Officer, Colm Maguire said the meeting was a success and that he looks forward to the implementation of the ideas discussed. “At the beginning of this year we identified key areas of focus, one of which was participation and the need to address participation opportunities for people within our sport but also addressing the important area of growth. “All bodies in Touch Football are looking to grow the sport and present more opportunities for people to participate. The meeting was a key opportunity to get together representatives from across Australia in terms of New South Wales, Queensland and some of the other states as well as the key staff at Touch Football Australia charged with the responsibility of delivering products to support growth and we honed in on some key areas we think can solve that. “I was truly energised by some of the ideas that actually came out of today and I really believe with a unified and collaborative approach to the delivery of the various things that we put on the table, we should realise a lot of the growth outcomes that we’ve set for ourselves as a long term strategic goal. Our Participation Plan is the map that will guide any of the strategies that we put in place but the meeting really resulted in people having buy in to some of those outcomes and saying that we will commit to the delivery of various elements over the next 12 to 18 months and see what the outcomes are.“To have the people in the room contributing the way that they did, I truly believe that we have the right people and the right ideas, now it’s about turning it into action and the coming months will see us develop an action plan from the initiatives we’ve talked about today and hopefully the sport is the beneficiary,” Maguire said. NSWTA General Manager, Dean Russell said that the meeting was positive and he looks forward to seeing the outcomes achieved from the items discussed. “The NSWTA is looking to work with both TFA and all the states to come up with initiatives to both grow the sport and participation. The outcomes from the meeting have been a positive first step in achieving this goal. We look forward to further developments for the betterment of all our current and also future members,” Russell said. QTA General Manager, Gary Madders, also took lots of positives from the meeting.  “There are definitely positives signs in the four areas we’ve targeted to focus on for the sport, there will certainly be a lot of work done in those areas in the coming months and into next year in particular to try to regrow the sport around Australia,” Madders said. TFA General Manager, Sport Operations, Marianne Maguire said that there are some exciting opportunities ahead in the area of participation.“TFA remains committed to our strategic objective to ‘substantially increasing participation’ and achieving results within our Participation Plan.  The meeting continues to build on the strategies and outcomes identified in the Plan in a collaborative and consultative manner with our key partners.“There are some exciting opportunities to diversify our participation models and revenue sources, which will help the sport adjust with today’s changing sporting environment.  We look forward to building on these with the ASC and the rest of the unified states at a proposed meeting in June,” Maguire said.  TFA Participation Manager, Adam Raptis, said that the meeting was a ‘fantastic opportunity’ to work together and develop ideas. “The main focus of my role is to develop initiatives and programs that are geared towards achieving the major outcomes of our Participation Plan; those being the increase of our participant base and the development of support mechanisms to provide a quality experience for our members. The meeting provided a fantastic opportunity to brainstorm and further develop some of these ideas with staff members from our partnering states in New South Wales and Queensland,” Raptis said. TFA General Manager, Regional Operations, Matt Bamford, was also pleased with how the meeting went. “The meeting presented an opportunity to bring together a range of ideas and initiatives for the future of Touch Football in Australia.  The scope for innovative and diverse participation ideas beyond the traditional is an area of real opportunity for the game, and one we need to embrace and move forward with,” Bamford said.The Australian Government provides Touch Football Australia with funding on an annual basis. This support continues to assist Touch Football to obtain the growth objectives set in conjunction with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) through the TFA Participation Plan.  Related LinksParticipation Meetinglast_img

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