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Two new material products in Deyang won fair gold medal

in the process of economic development, and constantly promote the upgrading and transformation of enterprises, so that it is more in line with the development needs of society. At the same time, a positive response to the call of the country, effective innovation and entrepreneurship, the Deyang two new materials products have achieved remarkable results.

reporter learned from the Deyang Municipal Commission by letter, by the Ministry of industry, the Heilongjiang provincial government hosted the fourth China International New Materials Industry Fair held recently in Harbin. Deyang City Commission by letter attaches great importance to the positive group participants, fully display the advanced technologies and achievements in graphene materials, fuel cell, high-tech textile auxiliaries, high-grade glass products in areas such as Deyang City, of which two new material products by the exposition of gold products.

allyl carbon Deyang science and technology limited company, Deyang Dongshen new energy technology company, Guanghan Mufu company, Sichuan Yixin material lithium power technology company, Sichuan nonferrous Jin Yuan powder metallurgy materials company, Sichuan Glass Group and other new materials enterprises.

by the organizing committee to review team, in the country selected the 40 "fourth China International New Material Industry Expo exhibitors products Gold Award", Sichuan Province won the gold medal 6, high conductivity and high thermal conductivity of graphene aluminum fuel air Deyang Dongshen Amperex Technology Limited traction power battery and allyl carbon Deyang science and Technology Co. the company occupies 2 seats.

during the exhibition, the exhibitors also participated in the Deyang Chinese new materials enterprises in cooperation with the fund industry and to promote the cooperation Fair, Shi Moxi, China new materials industry released the results of the project matchmaking series of activities to promote exchanges and cooperation in new materials enterprises.

science and technology in constant progress, more and more new products are constantly on the market now, continuous innovation and development, leading the trend of the times, to promote the development is very necessary! The two new material products in Deyang won fair gold medal, not only has a good amount of encouragement for local enterprises, but also further promote the development of local economy.

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