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The net worth of 10 billion 700 million higher than Ma technology prodigy

every time I see American technology large, think that can use computer hackers who are programming seckill only exists in the television screen, in real life there is such a scientific genius, and his amazing, now at the age of 31 with $33 billion 400 million.

20 when he created the popular global Internet products; at the age of 26 he became the "time" magazine person of the year, won the highest honor medal; at the age of 29 he had obtained satisfactory evaluation 99% employees, to become the world’s best CEO; at the age of 31, he is sitting on $33 billion 400 million in revenue, more than China the Internet Godfather Ma nearly tens of billions of dollars.

see the Hollywood blockbuster "the social network" people can remember the genius of Mark is curly, he created a social product to attract the eyes of the world, the film as he gripped, everyone applauded. The film Mark is based on the real genius – Mark · · the true story of adaptation of:

, a gifted child

to create a journey

2004 at the beginning of the 20 year old Mark founded Facebook, opened the prelude to the global Internet wave. Facebook originally only allowed a Harvard student registration, then two months has swept Boston’s other universities – MIT, Stanford University, Northwestern University, New York University and other colleges and universities; a year swept the entire university in the United States, within a few years swept Europe most of the colleges.

2010 founded the company 6 years ago, Facebook covers a population of 53% of the United States, only behind Google, YAHOO and Microsoft. According to Facebook Facebook, the first quarter earnings, the total number of users has more than 2 billion 200 million people, the number of users accounted for about 1/3 of the world, the scale of the amazing; monthly active users to 1 billion 250 million people, as the most active social products for the global.

three, Mark · Zuckerberg worth $33 billion 400 million, recommended

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