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Exclusive – Shadow sports minister calls for FA to ‘take action’ to prevent Ched Evans return

first_imgShadow sports minister Clive Efford has told talkSPORT the Football Association should “step in and take action” against convicted rapist Ched Evans’ proposed return to football.The owner of League One side Oldham Athletic, Simon Corney, confirmed on Wednesday there is an ”80 per cent” chance of the club signing the striker, who he believes ”has served his time”.Evans was released from prison in October after serving half of a five-year sentence.Corney said the decision to give the 26-year-old Wales international a route back into football had been agreed unanimously by all six members of the Oldham board, despite vocal opposition and sponsors severing ties with the Latics.And Efford has urged to governing body to intervene, insisting the wider implications of Evans’ return means the decision should not be Oldham’s to take.He told Drivetime: “I really do think, as much as I admire Greg Dyke, the FA have been completely silent on this.“They should have been stepping in to take some action, to say ‘rape is beyond the pale and we are not going to allow anyone who has been convicted of this crime to play football.’“This is such a serious crime and there are all sorts of issues, from the impressionable young boys who will watch the player, to the inclusion of young women in the game, and I think this decision sends out a really poor message about football.“It’s not good enough that big issues like this are determined by directors of football clubs rather than the governing body.“Directors of football clubs have other pressures on them which impact their decision, such as the financial pressures on the club and the need to stay in their division.“But those factors really shouldn’t come into this, they’re not in the wider interests of football and there is a moral issue here that needs to be considered, and that’s where the governing body should step in.“Personally, I wouldn’t let him [Evans] straight back into the game this early on.“At this moment in time, he’s a convicted rapist and still has part of his sentence to serve, albeit on parole, and I just don’t think it’s the right message for football to send that they welcome this young man back.“It’s such a bigger issue than just one club making a decision about what is in its best short-term interests, I think it’s a matter for the governing body, I passionately think that and I’m frustrated, I’ve written to the FA today to say I think they should have stepped in to deal with this.“I think the governing body are really neglecting their duties with this and I feel they have something to answer for.”Oldham have previously given a second chance to footballers convicted of criminal offences. In 2007, they signed Lee Hughes after his release following a jail term for causing death by dangerous driving.last_img

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