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Guyoil launches forum to promote USLD fuel

first_imgThe Guyana Oil Company Limited (Guyoil), in collaboration with the National Oil Company of Suriname (Staatsolie), has, over the last week, hosted a national forum on the benefits of ultra-low sulfur diesel (USLD) fuel in Georgetown, Essequibo and Berbice.The forum was aimed at informing the public about this newly introduced product which contains less than once per cent of sulfur, and aids in reducing corrosionThe Guyoil and Staatsolie Marketing Team at the forum in Georgetownwhile eliminating exhaust blockages and odours. It also maintains the engines of vehicles and reduces the emission of black smoke during vehicle warm-up.Marketing Advisor of Staatsolie, Dyron Ellis, related that the fuel was created to reduce the amount of sulfur emitted into the environment. He assured that although the sulfur content is low, consumers can expect the same performance as it relates to mileage when compared to the high-sulfur diesel fuel.Guyoil is currently working on increasing the availability of the product across its service station network in Guyana.The cost of the USLD fuel is retailed at the same price as the regular diesel fuel, and consumers who purchase this fuel would be assisting to reduce environmental pollution caused by sulfurlast_img

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