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Long term planning should focus on 5 points

entrepreneurship is far more than talk about so simple, which only know their hardships. Entrepreneurship is not easy, but a long journey. Generally speaking, it is very difficult for any entrepreneur to make long-term plans for their own businesses, products and market positioning.

1, make sure your brand promise is scalable.

SteveCody at the same time to give advice to entrepreneurs of two public enterprises. One of the people who don’t care about SteveCody’s advice is that the entrepreneur is building the message he wants to deliver in a way that solves the problem. "My clients have no financial problems, and they are very willing to let their children take part in our after-school science activities." SteveCody reminds the entrepreneur that the rich city’s mothers are spending too much money, but if he extends the model to less affluent areas, the situation could be quite different.

SteveCody recommends creating a brand commitment that will keep you in touch when your business grows.

2, you don’t always bring home to the prom.

SteveCody recommends that you be patient and be sure that your key players are really worth the equity before you hand it over to someone else.


SteveCody and never stop listening to his business partner to create the two PR company in another apartment, which is in 1995 2013, the company has become a strategic communications agency integration. There is a world of difference.

SteveCody think this is because they continue to listen to the needs of customers, very concerned about what their competitors are doing. When time is right for new products and services, they go by instinct. Now, SteveCody’s business involves meeting planning, licensing trade, web design

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