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Dr Jagan’s Global Human Order initiative overtaken by time

first_imgAPNU/AFC Govt to await SG report on way forward − VP GreenidgeThe New Global Human Order (NGHO) – an initiative spearheaded by the late Dr Cheddi Jagan – is on the agenda of the upcoming United Nations 71st General Assembly but according to Vice President Carl Greenidge, with the evolution of time, a number of critical aspects of the NGHO have been embedded in a number of other framework initiatives adopted by the UN, with the support of the global community.Greenidge was at the time responding to People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Chief Whip Gail Teixeira, who at the opening of Thursday’s sitting of the National Assembly, inquired of the coalition A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Change (APNU/AFC) Government’s approach to the NGHO, since it has been a matter championed by Guyana since 1994.Since the NGHO was initiated by Guyana under the stewardship of Dr Jagan, Teixeira inquired whether the current administration will continue to support the UN Resolution at its upcoming assembly.Dr Cheddi JaganIn response Greenidge told the House that since Dr Jagan successfully introduced NGHO to the agenda of UN, “a couple of things have happened and it is instructive to bear those in mind to understand where we can go.”He spoke to the fact that between 2001 and 2014, the United Nations has convened several confabs and over the years a number of other resolutions have come into being, which takes into account aspects of the NGHO such as the need to accelerate efforts to promote human wellbeing.He said too there are currently a number of agreements in place to shape the landscape up to 2030 which takes into account aspects of Dr Jagan’s NGHO. As such Dr Jagan’s resolution might have been overtaken by time since there are several new initiatives that, “overlap, concern, absorb, call it what you will, many of the areas that were raised by Dr Jagan.He said there had been no significant movement on the promotion of Dr Jagan’s NHGO, despite the fact that his party -the PPP/C – had been in office for over 20 years.Greenidge noted too that many of the areas dealt with by Dr Jagan, only received tacit support from many friendly countries but there has not been a complete “buy in.”The Vice President was also quick to point out that there is currently only limited space for competing proposals on the new political agenda.He suggested that to proceed with Dr Jagan’s NGHO at the UN General Assembly would be a “questionable approach.”Greenidge’s explanation however did not find favour with the Opposition Chief Whip who inquired whether components of the NGHO such as a focus on poverty alleviation, equality and justice were no longer considered important by the current administration.“I didn’t suggest that we would do nothing about it, nor did I suggest it’s not important,” said Greenidge, who further explained that matters such as reducing global inequalities now form part of separate agendas that have found consensus in the global community.He said there has been an inability on the part of the past administration to mobilise international support for issues contained in Dr Jagan’s NGHO.Greenidge suggested that the report of the UN Secretary General as it relates to the NHGO, will determine what path will be taken by the APNU/AFC Government in future.He suggested that there is no need to pursue a separate initiative, namely, Dr Jagan’s NGHO, since many of the issues contained in that resolution would have already gained international support but on separate agendas.Dr Jagan’s NGHO, according to Vice President Greenidge, has remained over the years without the capacity to sustain itself. He was adamant: “It is not as though we are neglecting a great initiative.”GECOM DatabaseMeanwhile the Opposition Chief Whip also used the opportunity at the beginning of Thursday’s sitting of the National Assembly to inquire of Social Protection Minister Volda Lawrence, the reasons for a request to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) for a copy of its database.The PPP/C recently raised the matter of the request by the Government Ministry to GECOM and had accused the administration of seeking to ‘rig’ any upcoming General and Regional Elections.Minister Lawrence told the House in no uncertain terms that there was absolutely no ulterior motive behind the request to GECOM.In fact, Lawrence told the House that the request was made to GECOM for information which is already in the public domain.She pointed to GECOM’s website which houses a copy of the National List of Registrants as well as the numerous lists posted at public buildings across the country.Lawrence told the House that the request made to GECOM was for person’s 65 years of age and older and the information will be used by the Ministry of Social Protection, “to ensure that all our pensioners receive their pension.”The Social Protection Minister explained that the reason GECOM was approached was that the list could be disaggregated in order to extract the information for persons 65 and older.Teixeira had also inquired of Education Minister Dr Rupert Roopnaraine the reason behind that Ministry’s request but he was unable to provide an answer.Dr Roopnaraine informed the House that he was not in a position to provide any details since he was yet to be briefed by his technical team for the reasons for the request made to GECOM.last_img

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