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Three years later he has become a business leader to see the prime minister

student entrepreneurs, but can survive three years of the threshold is less and less. 3 years ago, Wang Lei, Prime Minister Li Keqiang has encouraged unemployed college students now has become a business leader, the achievements of a legendary entrepreneur.

"computer integrated machine is our final product, but the whole idea and experiment from the University began. Just started to do the host part, in 2010, our team created the first prototype of one machine." Wang Lei said.

2010 in October, Yinchuan’s first venture fair and business cooperation and exchange forum held in Yinchuan, Wang Lei and his team on behalf of Ningxia University. At that time, the Shizuishan municipal government leaders interested in their projects, and later led by the Shizuishan municipal government led the introduction of their projects. But due to lack of experience, the relevant departments and local Wang Lei has some problems in the project docking, the results will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Missed a chance, but Wang Lei did not stop the dream of their own business, he still dive to the heart, dedicated research techniques, and constantly improve their computers.

2012, led by Wang Lei of the R & D team set up the Yinchuan dry looking Electronic Technology Co. ltd.. At the same time, the Yinchuan municipal government departments also encouraged Wang Lei to start their own patents into products. Yinchuan venture office also for his team to apply for 50 thousand yuan youth entrepreneurship funding. With the help of the government, Wang Lei’s company joined the China Youth Entrepreneurship international program.

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