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“I knew we had cheated on Chelsea with Torres”

first_imgFernando Torres’ transfer from Liverpool to Chelsea rocked the Premier League several years ago. In the winter of 2011, the striker became the most expensive Spaniard in history when he went from red to blues in exchange for 58.5 million euros. At Liverpool, El Niño became a Bronze Ball and one of the best strikers in the world but, at Chelsea, he had a harder time reaching his best level, until he even went on loan to Milan, who would later yield to Atlético de Madrid. When the transfer occurred, Jamie Carragher, then Liverpool captain, now admits in a talk with Terry on Sky Sports that the dressing room of the ‘reds’ was in “shock”. First, for the departure of the Spanish striker and also for the price that Chelsea had paid for him.“I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I knew we had cheated on Chelsea. I had played with Torres throughout the year and was already a shadow of himself. Of course, I think that for 18 months in Liverpool he managed to be the best striker in the world. I think Torres had good numbers playing against Chelsea and the owner remembered. That season he scored two goals and we won 2-0 and I suppose the decision to sign him was probably made by Roman Abramovich. £ 50m was a lot of money at the time and we were shocked. Torres’s departure left us devastated but we couldn’t believe they gave us 50 million for him, “says the captain of the ‘reds’. While at Anfield they reinvested the money in Andy Carroll (41 million euros to Newcastle) and Luis Suárez (26 million euros to Ajax), at Chelsea they were excited with the arrival of the Fuenlabrada striker, as John Terry tells. “He is interesting. At Chelsea we hated playing against him. He always scored at Anfield and at Stamford Bridge. When Yossi Benayoun, who got along well with him, told us he was coming we thought we were going to dominate the Premier for the next five or six years. It’s what we believed after seeing him and playing against him, “explained the former Chelsea from the perspective they had in London at the time of his arrival. As a ‘blue’, Torres won titles but did not reach the high level of achievement he achieved in Liverpool (45 in 172 games in London for 81 in 142 at Anfield). With Chelsea he was champion of the Champions League, the Europa League and the FA Cup. Even so, among those 45 he left important goals, such as the one that certified the pass to the final of the Munich Champions League, eliminating Barcelona at the Camp Nou at the last minute.last_img

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