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Nacional returns to training against the recommendations of the league and the union

first_imgThe Madeira National was the first team from Portugal to return to group training, not without controversy. The Portuguese club explained the measure today, after its players have worked in the stadium “in accordance with the legislation and respecting all the necessary measures to ensure that it is done safely.” The National has divided the squad into two groups that will alternate. Monday, Wednesday and Friday one of them will train at the stadium and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday the other will. In addition, it has been specified that it will be done in pairs. Each hour has been assigned so that one of them is on the field of play and so they do not coincide. In the images provided by the club itself, you can see how one of them exercises led by a member of the technical staff equipped with gloves and a mask to protect themselves from the coronavirus. The measure has caused much controversy in Portugal, where those infected by coronaviruses now exceed 16,000 and have exceeded 500 deaths. It is true that Nacional explains that it is covered by the law, referring to Decree Law 2-B 2020 that extended the state of emergency, providing for the possibility that athletes use the facilities for their activity. But he ignores the recommendations of the Portuguese league and has been criticized by the players union. Be that as it may, the leader of the second Portuguese division goes ahead and has no intention of stopping. The club explains that at the conclusion of each session, all the material is disinfected and the players are checked before and after work, taking their temperature.Portugal decreed strict containment measures on March 12 and the league and the players’ union have not yet advised teams to work in sports cities. National, however, continues protected in the laws. It so happens that Cristiano Ronaldo was also captured at that same stadium training a few days ago, something that was also criticized in Italy. The last to do so was Lazio, who lives in a bitter fight against Juventus because the championship can be restarted as soon as possible. The Roman club criticized Cristiano explaining that he enjoyed “advantages” in difference to the players who are only training at home.last_img

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