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Waiting For Unredacted Declassified Transcript of Trump’s Ukraine Call

first_imgPresident Trump says the secretary of state has received permission from Ukraine’s government to release the transcript of a phone call between Trump and Ukraine’s president. And, Congress could see a whistleblower complaint about a phone call between President Trump and Ukraine’s leader this week. The White House is reportedly preparing to release the complaint along with an inspector general report on the issue. During the phone call in question, Trump reportedly pressured the Ukrainian government to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. The phone call has prompted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to launch an impeachment inquiry against Trump. Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani says he got involved in U.S.-Ukraine relations at the request of the State Department. Those relations are now at the center of an impeachment inquiry against President Trump, accused of withholding military aid in order to get dirt on former Vice President and 2020 Democratic hopeful Joe Biden. Speaking last night with Fox News’ Laura Ingram, President Trump’s personal attorney said the department thought he would be better suited than the FBI.Giuliani said he reported every conversation he had back to the State Department.last_img

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