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The new open shop name errors that may be deducted

as a buyer, we found a lot of shopping shop names are similar, the sale of the product has a lot of repetition, the competitiveness of each point is not strong. However, if the network name error, and may be deducted.

two weeks before the opening of the shop, are selling their love of men’s women’s and men’s shoes, what.

very many recent Toms shoes, see the shelves immediately excited when the shoes over suppliers, their husband to wear a pair of.

results just shelves, it was off the shelf, but also deducted four points.

as a novice seller really feel a little aggrieved, it seems that after the baby to take the name to be more careful.

reason to say I sell fakes, but I really only said the word Toms style.

Oh, will not be, but I often see someone selling something that is or what Vance, how did not detained.

if this is the case, for a newly opened stores, combat is very large, and whether this name in the end should not be penalized, but once the real shops operating points, nature will be greatly affected. So, the name of the new open shop, once to be cautious.

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