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The nternet to find someone to write name carefully

a successful shop to take a name, not only need the good name, the best at the same time also need to have a good calligraphy writing and, because of this, many a little cultural atmosphere of the store will find some famous inscription. For many in the same shop, looking for someone to write the name, but if it is from the Internet to find someone to write the name, the reliability is not high, but also need to be cautious.

2013 in July, I found on the Internet for a free office, asked him to help me write a nice name, but I need to provide their own paper, so I according to his guidance in line to buy a piece of paper and send.

at first he said 2 days to write, then send the past. A week later I left a message to him to write it? He said he was busy and had no time to write.

then he said the word can’t write, let me put the freight in the past, he sent the paper, I said it is clear to help me write, now can’t write is your problem, I don’t want the freight out.

said the other, I help you write free to you out of the freight.

I said that if you help me write it must be me out, now the problem is that you do not write.

said that you look at the other side, ignore me.

I have many links, not reply, I said I agree with my shipping fee, you send it back, he said, then I as he said to his mobile phone recharge 10 yuan.

they send it tomorrow, and after a few days I asked him if he had sent it He said that he had no time to wait, and after a few days he said he’d sent it. I waited and waited for a week, but I didn’t get the message. He said yes, and then did not give me, then I said you sent it in the end? He said to send, I said how has not received? What about the express?

then he ignored me again, and I realized I was taken in. So the QQ scolded him is a liar, he pulled black my QQ phone also pull black.

he also threatened to cross my shop, let me apologize to him. How can I apologize to cheat, decisively rejected, then sweat, the results of the other had nothing to do, my shop is good.

in fact, the virtual network space, a variety of false information too much, we can only be careful to deal with, will make their own probability of being cheated. In short, if you want to find someone to write the name of the network, such a space is not suitable for Oh, better in real life to find someone to help oh.

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