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The pioneering made large multinational fishmonger

returnees returned to the entrepreneurial story heard a lot, so successful but not much to see. Zhou Rui in Chongqing after many years of overseas work to return to China to inherit the family business, but decided to come out of their own independent entrepreneurial ideas. Now he has international career done fast "fish".

Because love to inherit the family business

2008, in the United States to complete the master of accounting, in Canada, a home, and worked overseas for 7 years, Zhou Rui, returned to Chongqing, this time he came back, because love.

"my wife home runs the family enterprises, mainly the production of automobile and motorcycle engine spring, when just from the state-owned enterprise restructuring enterprises need to hand over, very." Zhou Rui said he took the team back to the family business, they have overseas study experience, passion, creativity. After his return, the family business successfully introduced two strategic partners from germany.

2011 years, the family business has gradually entered the right track, the annual output has reached hundreds of millions of automotive engine springs, becoming the industry leader. This time, the contradiction is out. "We are thinking of the returnees and some of the original business philosophy, began to become more and more obvious friction, who can not convince anyone." See their parents in a dilemma, he decided to give up their own family business.

seafood trading gold abroad

Zhourui put gold eyes on the seafood products. In 2011, returning to Canada, he noticed that, compared to the domestic seafood and seafood Canada, both quantity and quality, the difference is too big, a lot of seafood in the country has not yet, some products are just beginning to enter the country, people see the seafood less, eat less, however, the domestic demand for high-end seafood but more and more.

aimed at this market gap, he plunged into the seafood market.

"I found, like the dragon, Dungeness crab, black cod, is very common, but in Canada, but almost no domestic." To do it, he will be the first batch of Canadian Jumbo Crab introduced in Shanghai.

A year after the

, his Dungeness crab in Shanghai a firm market, the average daily from Canada issued 1800 kilograms of goods to Shanghai. Subsequently, he also introduced the dragon, black cod Canada seafood etc..

"do seafood trade, the most unstable sales chain, with the arrival of the peak season, the off-season, no one should be cheap goods." So, he decided to build their own factories, build frozen library, the organization of fishing vessels, the whole supply chain.

Iceland returnees fishmonger


"at the end of 2011, Shandong has a customer to a fish, called the North Sea Cucumber Spot, recommended

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