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ntroduction to the pie

Pepsi, bring joy home. This ad has been in China for many years. Pepsi group forces are also aware of. Of course, Pepsi drinks, pie also has a hundred. Some people did not eat 100’s pie? Who do not eat 100’s pie? All visible, 100’s pie stores regardless of seasons, 100’s joining the most popular hotel pies are basically pie shop, to the capital to the municipalities, towns and counties, where you can see join the pie pie, you may not find the characteristics of snacks in the hotel, but you can always find a pie with a variety of characteristics, pie pie shop stalls on any street. If you have bad luck, you may need to wait in line. These illustrate a huge market economy project – pie! Pie pie is a very good joining the project, then how much money to join the pie?

how much is the pie?

hundred pie join fee is as follows:

first tier cities: 100 thousand

second tier cities: 80 thousand

three line city: 50 thousand

hundred pie join advantage:

1, assist site evaluation:

to assist investors to open the store for field trips, business district assessment, analysis of the feasibility of their shop, to help investors make the right decision to shop.

2, to help investors shop decoration design and construction supervision:

in order to ensure the unity of the image of the company to provide investors with the overall decoration design, and is responsible for the decoration of the store construction and engineering quality and progress supervision. At the same time, in order to ensure the quality of products, the operation of the restaurant equipment required by the headquarters of the unified procurement and guide installation.

3, employee training:

(1) pastry chef, congee Trainer: technician guide employees to store personally operation. Learning a hundred of the original Chinese fast food data quantified standard system, restaurant products are standardized and digital production operation procedures.

(2): shop assistant training system training for at least 30 working days for new employees, the examination has the service consciousness and skills of high level before the appointment.

4, the presence of managers to assist shop:

hundred company will be stationed in the management of staff to assist in the preparation of the preparatory work before the opening, including the celebration, promotion, employees >

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