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s it possible for an adult store named artillery ammunition depot

when you give the shop name, you will attach great importance to the store’s name? Will you take a fancy name and attractive? Open a shop, take its natural or host has ignited or loud to attract customers. In order to "eye effect", now some shop name more and more "meaningful", but mostly in the range of all scales within acceptable. Recently, the city has emerged under the road called artillery ammunition store, attracted onlookers. Don’t doubt it’s an adult store.

eye catching artillery ammunition depot

this shop is located in the city road, the big red signs on the 5 yellow characters "artillery ammunition depot" is very eye-catching. In this sign, also wrote "24 hours free door-to-door" and other information. At first glance, some people may be confused, what "artillery ammunition"? What is the force of the reserve warehouse?

however, if his eyes moved to the right two inches, you can see in the "artillery ammunition" 5 characters beside 4 yellow small Adult supplies ", signs with red paper advertising," family planning supplies 10 yuan, 20 yuan accessories and other words. So.

looks like it’s an adult store. Some people for taboo tacit, many Adult supplies store opened in the most remote corner, then also very low-key, even some stores are not packing paper, posted a few Adult supplies of sth. Very like this "free" and "eye effect" of the name, I’m afraid few.

reporter found through the phone number on the sign to find the store owner hu. Mr. Hu said, this shop is newly opened, take this name, and he lives in a humorous personality.

"my life is a humorous person, when prompted by a sudden impulse suddenly thought of the name, and did not think, just hang up. This is 100% original!" Mr. Hu said. Look, he is very satisfied with this name.

since the last sign, say Mr. Hu’s friend, even by a passer-by, say the name of personality. However, Mr Hu denies that he want this name to attract customers the idea, said when I first name, have fun, did not expect such a big response.

shopkeeper said business license has not yet handled

for "artillery ammunition", some people say that some people say humorous, wretched, disagree. A man surnamed Zou people also put forward the views of the name, said the name changed to "Artillery Equipment", social acceptance may be higher.

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