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How to make full preparations before the shop discount store brand handbag

with the gradual improvement of people’s consumption ability, for some of the more expensive products demand is also increasing, such as brand handbag, but because the brand products are generally more expensive, most people can not be long-term consumption, so the brand discount store, which came into being. Good to open a brand handbags discount store is the entrepreneurial, so in the location of the important link, we need to pay attention to what? See recruit some information wealth cat finishing



Yiqingbielian brand handbag discount shop before how to do the full market investigation a: no matter what kind of shop opening business, location is very important, so is the brand handbags discount store, then the brand discount store in front of the shop Dianzhi bags should be investigated how? In general, before the discount store brand handbag shop location should do the investigation from the following aspects:

, a brand handbags discount store environment, facilities around the shops are favorable, the nature of the work unit, gathered near the nature, whether similar shops, if any, to investigate their business performance.

two, the traffic conditions around the shop how convenient traffic is an important factor in site selection. The corners of an intersection, the highways, high visibility, should be a good location to set up shop, but in some areas, the middle of the road after a long central to the belt or railing, crossing the limit of pedestrians and vehicles, like a wall, it will naturally affect the effect of the shop.

three, brand handbag store shop location of the population, generally speaking, the population near sell more, the more intensive the better. Consumption capacity, habits, target customers’ income level, etc.. Lots of rich people gathered in the open jewelry shop, high-grade fashion shop is aimed at the characteristics of target customers with high income, city surrounding the construction of the villas of various business groups or the district level, the rich are gathering place. The more in-depth understanding of the target customers in the shop location layer, the more able to cast their needs and preferences.


brand handbag business proposal is said above this, a small series of writing, can describe the very place, I hope you can understand the above points that entrepreneurs can be a reference, factors affecting the shop business is different, but remember that the business is good or bad depends not only on the shop the location, with the shop operators, management, service and image are closely related.

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