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How to successfully open a children’s toy store

we all know that since the opening of the national two-child policy, a sharp increase in the number of newborn Chinese, many families in the new happy life at the same time, but also create more opportunities for the franchisee to. With the increase in the number of children, then the children’s market will naturally follow up. In particular, the major children’s toy stores, but also to become entrepreneurs who invest in the hot industry. So now you want to invest in the children’s industry, the choice of a very promising toy store. So how to open a successful toy store?

1, children’s toy store to join the opening ceremony. The new franchise stores in the end of the relevant business, tax and other formalities, you can open the listing, the headquarters of the series of free products and the chain of promotional materials.

2, children’s toy stores to join the intention to join the consultation. When the petitioner has joined the toy chain intention, through the advisory telephone, fax, e-mail and other matters related to join way.

3, children’s toy store franchise contract. Franchisor and franchisee to sign the agreement, established on both sides of the rights and obligations of the applicant to obtain authorization certificate of franchise franchise "".

4, a children’s toy store to submit claims. By the applicant to the toy store headquarters fill out the application form, submit application report.

5, children’s toy store to join the training guide. The headquarters of the franchisee for product performance, features, play skills, store management and development planning and other aspects of the system of training guidance.

6, children’s toy store to join the investigation to understand. Franchisee to visit the headquarters as well as model stores, to understand the business situation.

7, children’s toy stores to join the store layout. Chain headquarters to provide store decoration style, shelf design and light boxes and other unified CI program.

these seven points, mainly from the seven aspects of the children’s toy shop set up shop skills and management skills. The seven points after the thorough understanding of knowledge, mainly from these points, to prepare for your shop plan, so that in the late operation can also save a lot of cost, save a lot of time. Children’s toy store market development prospects are very hot, want to open the children’s toy store friends can act up! Hope that these skills we can hold, the successful development of their own business plan!

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