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ntroduction and tips for opening a flower shop

Florist now seems to have turned a lot of people investment, at the same time in the society, there are more and more entrepreneurs to venture business and look to the florist, then a florist what skills.


florist shop

A, master the technology:

two, the choice of shops:

this is a flower shop key. Because retail profits in the flower industry up to 50%-80%, retail profits sufficient to meet the January rent utilities, staff salaries, tax expenditures, etc.. From this point of view, location in hospitals, hotels, or entertainment studio next to the city, can avoid the 6 ~ September off-season for the performance of the two is to consider the extension from zero performance, because the wholesale profits of about 10% ~ 30%, the site selection in the flower wholesale market street, or shop is relatively concentrated block.

three, flower color collocation

The color of the

in the flower placed, should also pay attention to color collocation, especially fresh cut flowers. Although any kind of flower has its unique charm, but as a commodity in the florist’s nature and growing flowers or different, because once the flowers in the flower shop, will integrate the humanities content in the need of human processing, rather than in nature as natural to carve flowers". Therefore, the different colors of flowers placed together to show the guests, we must pay attention to color harmony. For example, deep purple red roses and forget me not put together, is not beautiful, recommended

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