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Entrepreneurial projects for individuals

some people want to start their own business, this idea is naturally very good, but even their own business, you know you are not a person. So the vicious personal entrepreneurship program is very popular. Today we take a look at those items, is suitable for single-handed can do?


Five service business

1. computer services companies: system design, testing, system site management, or data processing equipment; sales growth rate: 19.41%.

2. employment services: temporary placement, employment agencies, payroll services, welfare management, sales growth rate: 17.53%.

3. Consulting: management, human resources, energy, security, security, logistics, distribution, marketing, agriculture, sales growth rate: 13.49%.

4. construction services company: housing management, cleaning (windows, chimneys, driveways, drains), high pressure flushing, landscaping, pest control, sales growth rate: 12.96%.

5. and other personal services: Pet Care (non veterinary), parking lot, parking management, astrology, bail business, join the brand franchise, look after the house, party organization, shopping service, wedding planning; sales growth rate: 12.56%.

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