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How to open a clothing store reasonable pricing

opened a clothing store need to price goods, about the pricing problem, many novice are helpless, don’t know how to appropriate pricing. This requires a lot of learning pricing knowledge, a lot of research on market consumption situation, comprehensive information on multiple aspects, to find the right price.

reasonable pricing method

representative is the cache brand clothing, pricing is very characteristic, always in the integer followed by a 0.9, very clever use of psychological pricing strategy, this will give people the overall price of the clothing store are not very high impression, so as to attract and retain customers to.

low permeability method

This pricing method is

according to season and time, the number of consumers to buy, to decide whether to give you a discount, discount, we often see in the clothing store "clearance sale" buy one get one free "two 20 percent off, three 30 percent off" belongs to this type of. This pricing used properly can not only attract consumers, but also can effectively regulate the low flow too, so that the common shop is full of customers.

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