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Five suggestions for college students with entrepreneurial ideas

is the graduation season, students who have left school to find their own side of the sky, some students with entrepreneurial dream on the road of entrepreneurship. There are five suggestions for college students who have no entrepreneurial experience.


The characteristics of

if you can enter an industry to start it, you ride a horse, the probability of success is 50% sure.

Second, everything from simple

reduce local business, state of mind will not in such a hurry, don’t hurry, you can easily follow the prescribed order, follow the prescribed order will be less risk, it is easier to success.

Third, use the "Sun Tzu"

contains all the moves of entrepreneurship in the "art of war" in the market to win, will use the "art of war" in the "win" strategy.

Where is the

Fourth, continue to carry out the sale and service of

all entrepreneurs, is the first success in sales, you have to keep your sales, service, will allow the company to survive.

world-class management guru Peter Dulac once said: the establishment of the enterprise purpose, one is to create a customer, the two is to retain customers.

what can be created by the customer "marketing recommendation

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