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Common western dishes and characteristics

what is your first impression of Western food? Steak? Salad? Dessert? Yes, these are our Chinese people’s impression of Western food. Different from Chinese food, Western food is mainly based on bread, beef ingredients as the main material, with coffee and other drinks. Do you really know western food? In the face of this problem must have a lot of Chinese can only be rendered speechless, the following Xiaobian take you about Western-style food characteristics.

let us know about the common style and characteristics of Western food:

Western food culture covers a wide range of Chinese food, due to the different characteristics of different countries, Western food is also a genre, different styles, unique taste. For example, French food fresh mellow; British cuisine is light refreshing; Italian pasta and beef; fruit flavor and innovation of American food; Russian food fat weight in Western-style food delicious; many dishes, representative dishes, Russia, Britain and the United States, etc. country.

(a) of French cuisine features with exquisite technology known to the world, is the representative of Western-style food dishes. The prominent characteristic is wide, fine, fresh ingredients, often choose expensive raw materials, such as snails, frogs, foie gras, palm heart, black mushrooms, also with doves, dove, hare, deer, wild duck, venison, French cuisine is eaten. So we must take strict material selection, the use of fresh raw materials. French cuisine is light and delicious, color on color, plain, elegant decorative dishes. Pay attention to the two elements of seasoning, one is the use of wine, different dishes call different wine, strict rules; the two is good at using spices. Such as rosemary, parsley, garlic, thyme, fennel etc.. The use of wine and spices, the French food smell the rich aroma, mellow and pleasant food. French cuisine is a variety of cooking methods, is one of its major characteristics, it basically includes all the Western dishes of nearly 20 cooking methods. Commonly used are fried, roasted, stewed, grilled, steamed. The dish name, mostly in place and things, named after people, interesting, so that diners impressed. Famous dishes include: foie gras, oyster cup, messene chicken, bureau snail Ma Kwu chicken, onion soup, steak, sand wave Marseille fish soup, Leon blood duck, Nantes cream fish etc..

(two) Russian cuisine features Russian cuisine in many ways, absorbing the advantages of other European countries, especially the French cuisine, and gradually forming a unique dish according to their own living habits. The main features are: large oil, heavy taste, simple production. "Russian snacks" variety, more famous. The Russians like to eat, taste, sour, spicy, salty, sweet, salty food, especially like Smoked Salmon and sturgeon, salty fish marinated philippines. The raw materials commonly used red onion and black roe, roe lemon, pickled cucumbers, pickled cabbage etc.. The majority of fried snacks, but also love to eat fish, meat powder, made of egg and vegetable meat buns. Famous dishes are: Moscow borsht (aka Bortsch). "

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