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The significance of website maintenance

network according to our investigation, the current domestic enterprises, 80% of enterprises have their own enterprise website, but this one has 40% sites since the establishment of investigation into the day without renewal, a long time from 2 years to 3 months; and can keep updated regularly (at least once a month) website less than 10%, this is a scary figure, enough to warn us that there are 80% stations dead in the Internet (and exist in the network, without any value),

currently enterprise website maintenance is to ensure that the operation of the site, but this is not enough, the site maintenance include the following aspects: site security, website promotion, website optimization, website update four aspects. read more

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Students in school talk about network experiences in recent years Continued

a year ago, I wrote a story about a college student and his own network. A person who met several times with a network, a person without perseverance. What kind of person did he become after his experience?

03 years begin to contact the construction site, at that time only remember his childish mind. Sophomore year, a chance to let me contact Zibo station home free space. When the mind only supports html. for free 20MB. see the station they did very well. Because it is so a few friends, so he also built a website. Then what is not. Every day after school. After a few months, he bought the ASP space from easecredit technology, learned from a friend that the network has a lot of good ASP procedures, such as network forum. The space 100MB II the connection rate is 80. and the price is not cheap at that time. Remember myself a f126 registered domain name (expired). In fact, we need to pay attention to many webmaster psychology, I feel their weaknesses are summarized as follows: read more

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Tang Zhenyang talking about the operation of local websites three long term profit model


local portal net profit model with merchant fee, discount Merchants Association membership card sales, page advertising, advertising alliance income, VIP membership fees, channel Title income, these forms we all know that we should adopt what kind of profit model of


personally think that the local website is mainly divided into two kinds of profit, one is local merchants shop promotion, and the other is the network alliance advertising promotion. Now the local people website industry of the two kinds of profit model are disputed, in the end what kind of profit model? In fact, what is not an absolute answer, the two profit way has a length at the. We want to long-term and reasonable development of the station, we must use these two flexible means of profit, that is, to what period of the website to use what kind of profit model. read more

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Webmaster navigation how do you win the heart of the webmaster

in early April 2010, I gave a well-known webmaster navigation station sent a letter in about 600 words of the proposal, when second days after the four words "thank you", there will be no further progress; the webmaster navigation station still does not have any change! Maybe is the webmaster busy, perhaps is the webmaster I do not care about it; but for me, I am scared: because I took the time to observe, to think, to write out the

text: from April of this year to now, Baidu’s webmaster navigation from the original several evolved into dozens; and in this dozens of home, the real show their own personality, but not a few, read more

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Open the era of instant messaging civilians

a few days ago, wood has been in the Admin5 published several articles, focusing on instant messaging civilian road reaction is not great, do not know is not too much Admin5 soft wood, the initial idea was regarded as soft, this is not the wood. Wood, wood is a down-to-earth person, with plain text to popularize knowledge, and share some of their views and ideas, hoping to give the grassroots webmaster find a way out.

this article mainly want to share a little bit of my thoughts and you personally feel that how to achieve instant communication of dawn. The first two articles have introduced some ideas of wood, see Admin5 "Instant Messaging Market smoke, jabber standard" and "challenge Chinese spoiler QQ carve up the instant messaging market". read more

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Six months webmaster my detours summary

January 1st 08 line, and now about half a year. During the walk a lot of detours, directly wasted a lot of time and energy, and now sum up these twists and turns, and I hope to give the station or the desire to be a friend of the webmaster when a reminder.

1, consider good topics and keywords. Believe that the webmaster hard to make a stand, is nothing but want to make money, but if you want to choose a cold competition low subject and keywords, then you should probably first think of a good profit model, and this model is suitable for their own profit. For example, some owners like to sit back and accept advertising fees, rather hard to do content promotion; some webmaster do not like all day long buried to find hot keywords, would rather do an industry station, and then to pull advertisers. read more

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An article that makes you a senior nternet operator

Internet operators of non internet industry, is a job with no reality whatever. Even for the Internet industry, there are a considerable number of people who do not fully understand the operation.

combines large coffee and their own operating experience, the president of the Internet operation of a systematic summary of the work done, and from the practical point of view to elaborate, and strive for everyone to bring, you can learn from.

note that the president’s operation here refers to large operations, that is, a platform, in addition to the full operation of technology development. Well, let’s get down to business. read more

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ndustry website new idea technical station can also make industry station

has been on the Admin5 saw a lot of industry websites, a variety of, are done in a certain industry. I am a programmer, other industries are not familiar with, not to mention the source of information, so I can not expect to do the industry station.

suddenly thought yesterday, technology is also an industry, why can’t I do the technology industry? Because I’m a php programmer, I want to be familiar with PHP, so I plan to be a PHP industry station. The PHP site has a lot, such as: PHPChina, phpx, phpeye etc. comparison on the scale of the station, above the master gathered, I do a beyond count, this station, obviously, is not wise, I am a tangshanee, for nearly 2 years, PHP in China is very popular, but Beijing are concentrated in a limited number of these big city, most provinces still belong to the nascent state, this is not groundless. Take us to Tangshan, the peer, ASP, asp.net, PHP very much, but, as far as I know, only 2, 3 only, this is the employer, PHP programmers, and even less, there are levels of PHP programmers have to go to Beijing. I myself is because I can’t find the right company, in the local helpless, went to Beijing mobile phone home for a few months, I participated in a local PHP company to interview a few days ago, appeared as a technical interviewer, interview a few PHP programmers, of course, can not be said to be a php programmer that can only be said to be a programmer, because 10 people at most 2 slightly learned some PHP, the other is ASP or. Net, occasionally there is a Java, there is no way, we have to retreat and secondly, to recruit some other language development experience of people, and then trained their own. Through the above said, it can be seen that the provinces and cities PHP talents are scarce, and now PHP in all provinces and cities are in a nascent state, but there are still many companies need talent. read more

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4 critical data for the B2C web site

B2C is very hot, 09 years will be more fire, do not believe you look at the recent emergence of large and small B2C web site, thanks to ECSHOP and shopex. The B2C site is easy to build and not easy to operate: 4 big data determine the value of B2C sites.

one, website conversion rate. The site conversion rate is volume / site access. The electronic commerce website industry the highest conversion rate should be the first Taobao store "lemon Green Tea", 20 thousand people visit every day, every day brings 1000 orders, conversion rate of up to 5%, should be the highest conversion rate of digital China e-commerce. The average level of e-commerce websites in China is 1%. read more

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How do build 27 thousand traffic within 10 days

analysis of the experience of the many master, each introduced a variety of methods to obtain the traffic fast, I also tried a method, finally the success of the new blog I built 20 thousand and 7 of the traffic in 10 days, finally summarized in the following:

1. is the largest source of traffic is " Baidu know, I believe we all know that " " Baidu know " in the Baidu search results accounted for a large weight, I want to remind friends, in Baidu know " " time to promote your website must have enough the vest, and to replace IP in time remember when propaganda, avoid Baidu K your site, vest small, K station is big problem. It must know. read more

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