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The enterprise website optimization how to get a good ranking

URL is the site of each page of the web site, an article must be as long as a web site, bad URL often increase the search engine grab information burden, some directly to the search engine shut out. Long, too many parameters to the search engine grab. URL generally follow the following principles: the principle of total station only; simple, concise principle; URL meaningful principle.

now love Shanghai attaches great importance to website title and description, the title and description can greatly promote the keywords ranking, the general title and description should include keywords, but certain keywords do not accumulate, with love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, keywords accumulation is punished more and more dangerous. read more

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How to use the anchor text to do website optimization route optimization

, position of the anchor text is the key growth

keywords The anchor text can not be more than

is part of a friend in the anchor text on the website screenwriters, if there are ABCDEFG these words in a sentence, part of the webmaster friends will ABCDEFG all add anchor text, this kind of technique on the surface is to increase the amount of the anchor text, but from a practical point of view, this approach has led to the anchor the text points to uncertainty, not only is the search engine, users will not even. Therefore I suggest webmaster friends try to choose short words when choosing the length of the anchor text, such as ABCDEFG, if ABC can explain a thing, then you only need to add anchor text in ABC can be, do not need to anchor text too long. read more

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