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Student arrested after threatening principal on Facebook

first_imgA 16-year-old student from Fort Mill High School in North Carolina has been arrested by police after he posted a threat against his school principal on his Facebook wall.The student’s name cannot be revealed at this time because he is under 18 years of age and is therefore being charged as a juvenile, but the message directed at the school principal – Dee Christopher – has been released.In the message, posted March 3rd, the student makes it clear that the principal is only alive because he is allowing him to stay alive. The student also states he is very intelligent, but then contradicts himself. At one point he says that the principal being allowed to live is a statement and a promise, but also wants peace and that he’s helped him get “back in line”.As a result of the message the student was immediately suspended from school for an as-of-yet undisclosed period of time and then sent back home to stay with his father. Shortly afterwards the school consulted with the Department of Juvenile Justice and an arrest was made by the Fort Mill Police Department for allegedly making threats and disturbing the peace at his school.The student’s home was also searched due to the severity of the threat and the suspect was transported to Moss Justice Center.We do not know if the student will face expulsion at this time, but Chuck Epps, Superintendent of Fort Mill School District, stated that if a student communicates a threat to any member of staff or a teacher they can face a range of disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion.However, expulsion will be the last thing on the students mind as he will no doubt face a long juvenile jail sentence if found guilty.Read more at ZDNetlast_img read more

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