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GTA IV mod adds timetraveling Back to the Future DeLorean

first_imgModders have done some pretty amazing things with Rockstar’s GTA IV %displayPrice% at %seller% . Standout achievements include adding a playable ATLAS and P-body in the form of a Portal mod, and creating the ICEhancer mod to make the game look absolutely gorgeous on PC.This latest mod takes things up another notch, though. YouTube poster and experienced GTA modder Seedy Random has managed to create a fully-functioning DeLorean from Back to the Future. He’s also added a Marty McFly skin allowing you to play as, and therefore drive the DeLorean as Marty.Implementing a character skin and new car model isn’t that impressive, but Seedy didn’t stop there. As well as modeling the full interior of the car along with its Flux Capacitor, this DeLorean can hit 88mph and does time travel. That’s right, your car disappears leaving behind those recognizable flame tracks.The video is demonstrating what actually happens in-game, and to remain true to the original your car can run out of plutonium.In order to achieve such a complex mod Seedy had to highly customize the game on PC using a large range of mods. He recommends you only attempt it if you are very familiar with GTA IV modding already. He lists the 10 main mods he used in the YouTube description, but says there’s dozens more he didn’t have time to list.Copyright issues aside, I’d love it if Rockstar took the time to gather up the best mods created for GTA IV and offered them as an easy install download pack for PC. But we all know that’s never going to happen.last_img read more

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