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Dutch design student creates minedetecting GPS ball

first_imgAmid all the lovely chairs and tables recently being exhibited by students at Design Academy Eindhoven there was a strange sphere made from long spines that finished with flat rubber feet. The object is certainly aesthetically interesting, but it has a higher purpose than traditional design projects. Student Massoud Hassani calls his invention the Mine Kafon, and it’s designed to clear landmines.Hassani grew up in Afghanistan where landmines are a serious issue for civilians — there are still untold thousands of old Soviet landmines lurking in the rugged terrain. Although he has immigrated to Holland, Hassani has not forgotten the dangers landmines present. The Mine Kafon is capable of clearing mines at much lower costs than traditional methods, thus making the process feasible even in poor rural areas in his homeland.The Mine Kafon consists of 70 bamboo poles, each one with a rubber foot at the end. It is roughly six feet across in its current incarnation. In its core is a simple GPS computer system. The device is light enough that a gentle breeze can keep it rolling along, like a giant tumbleweed. When one of the feet hits a landmine, the explosion triggers the integrated GPS to log the location of the mine so the area can be swept again later.The Mine Kafon might be made from bamboo, but it can hit a few anti-personnel mines before being immobilized. Hassani believes the Mine Kafon is cheap enough that an NGO or government could consider it expendable. The Dutch military passed on the Mine Kafon, but Hassani is continuing development in hopes it will do some good in the future.via Knstrct and The Worldlast_img read more

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